Happy New Year, Northgate Family.  We hope you enjoyed your holidays, are refreshed from the break and still holding onto some of that festive good feeling.  For those in the diaspora we hope you managed to visit Northgate Heights to experience first-hand, the progress that has taken place.

We are delighted to report that we have now completed servicing all of our Phase 1 area and have already received all the Certificates of Compliance from the local Authority.  Our conveyancers are now working full time on processing Title Deeds.  Some of you may already have received notices from our lawyers asking for payments towards outstanding rates and conveyance fees.

We urge you to respond quickly to minimise delays in you receiving your Title Deeds.  It has been brought to our attention that the local authority made some errors in calculating the rates due.  Please let us know so we may assist you if you are unsure of the rates that you will have been charged.

The challenging environment in the country adversely affected the rate of construction on site. It is disappointing to observe that while the majority of the stand owners have been building very impressive houses, there is still a small minority who try at every turn to build substandard structures. Northgate is designed as a low density high value suburb.  Our intention is to maximise the value of your investments and if one structure is substandard it affects the value of all its neighbours.  If one cannot meet the Northgate Heights standards, one can always go elsewhere.

We are pleased to report that an action plan is already in place and materials in hand to electrify the first two hundred houses.  Work should begin within the next couple of weeks.  True Destinations will foot the bill and claim back from the beneficiaries.  Once the installation is done affected houseowners will be notified of the amount due.  It is risky to announce the fees upfront in view of our prevailing inflation.

We remind all our clients that there are still two hundred and seven residential, sixty- five commercial, four church stands, a primary school and a secondary school stand available. Our terms are very competitive and negotiable.

Finally, it is with a sense of humility that we report that True Destinations Investments won the following prizes during the last quarter of the year:

  • Vendor of The Year: Zimbabwe Chamber of Small and Medium Size Enterprises, Midlands Province
  • Winner: Businessman of The Year: Zimbabwe Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, Midlands Province
  • No. 10 in the Top 20 companies Nominated by Megafest National Awards.

We thank you for your invaluable support which makes it possible to achieve standards that receive recognition.

We look forward to an even more successful 2019.  In case you may not have heard, we have just opened a cemetery north of Northgate Heights.  Advance bookings are available at our offices at No. 12, Seventh Street.   Planning of Phase 2 which will benefit from our experience in Phase 1 as well as benchmarking, is underway. We wish you all a successful year.

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